Megan Carli
The GunThe RazonThe NooseThe PoisonThe Nails
The Scythe
Mainstream media often portrays women as passive victims of violence. When provoked with brutality, any rare active reaction of female aggression is viewed as hyper sexualized or drastically masculinized. Society demonstrates to women through the media that physical aggression as a defense has to be categorized and labeled rather than viewed as a normal reaction.
These drawings examine women maintaining their sense of protection through an aggressive nature. Why do social pressures allow the use of physical aggression to be an acceptable outlet for men yet not for women? The history of gender roles and societal norms are explored through the use of Noir film references and current news articles. Rather than becoming a passive victim, each woman is empowered with an object that she lacked in the original Noir context. Societal norms of passivity are replaced with active intellect, cleverness, grace, and aggression as a form of protection. The women no longer fall under the confined categories of hyper sexuality nor defeminized with extreme masculine traits, but are rather actively choosing their own individualized way to protect themselves.
As each object of empowerment varies, the news articles support the spectrum of female traits and characteristics rather than one standard female role. This series portrays that women are not confined to one type of physical being, but are endless in their abilities and societal importance.