Megan Carli
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My love for painting portraits goes hand in hand with my refusal to let people, moments, or time slip away from me. Painting is how I hold on to the people I encounter—whether they are with me for many years or mere seconds. Painting these moments is my endeavor – my desire to honor the place these moments hold in my life.
My medium is generally oil paints, though I have been experimenting with acrylics and mixed media. Oil paint allows me the time to experience my painting as the viewer and not the painter. When I’m finished, I can see the person I know staring back at me. Their brush-stroke features, paint-color emotion and familiarity all amplify the joy of painting that person. There are many stages to painting a portrait, but my favorite is the first visages of recognition—when someone I love finally appears.
I find beauty in the little joys of the day: in a beautiful face in the crowded streets of the city, or in watching the children in my life grow older and surer. These moments and faces sustain me and it’s my passion to capture them.