Megan Carli
Heart #2HeartOpen #2Open
The concepts of anger and vulnerability run deep in almost every piece I create, though these are two very different emotions, I find that anger is often someone’s answer to their own vulnerability. When I create my sculptures I am always trying to convey what’s happening in my life and how it affects my view on the world and the people around me. The pieces in this series were created out of profound regret for my malicious words during many of my arguments as well as the understanding of how these cruel words can cause emotional harm.
The image of the gun was chosen because of its violent nature and its destructive path. I wanted the gun and its damaging capabilities to mirror how humans can verbally break each other down when anger is brought into an argument. I used the image of the heart because of the vulnerability it displays.
To create these pieces I used ceramic, neon, bronze and resins. The process
for each piece was a journey in itself. Finding the right material was key to creating the emotional tension of anger, regret, and vulnerability. Mold making and rendering real objects, in both wax and clay was important during the creation of these pieces, and is a staple in my artistic process.